UEM has the experience and expertise to deliver solutions for water treatment needs. UEM has experience with surface water and ground water treatment systems as well as advanced water treatment systems for brackish water and seawater desalination.

UEM recently upgraded an 86 MLD water treatment system in Trinidad. The Navet Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was an existing WTP built approximately fifty years ago. The refurbishment contract was a design built contract wherein UEM designed the modifications to the existing clarifiers, converting them from flocculation–tube settler type to upflow sludge blanket type with ClariConeTM technology. UEM also refurbished the gravity filters, designed and installed an automatic chemical dosing system (for lime, alum, and polyaluminium chloride), designed and installed a new chlorine dosing system, and designed and installed a PLC and SCADA system for complete automation of the WTP. The Navet WTP gets its raw water from Navet Reservoir. The raw water has a medium turbidity (25-100 NTU) and is high in organics and  color. The upgraded WTP was completed in July 2000 and the phased plant commissioning was completed in September 2000. The newly refurbished facility now produces water with <1 NTU turbidity and almost negligible color (<1 Hz Units).