UEM provides a complete range of services for water and wastewater, particularly for the treatment of complex effluents from process industries like refineries, distilleries, food and beverage, dairy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, yeast processing, textiles, and pulp & paper. We have the resources to deliver turnkey projects including design engineering, procurement, and construction.  Some recent projects UEM is working on are as follows:

Construction and O&M contract of Modular ETP of 4000 M3/Day capacity at Santhal, ONGC, Mehsana.
 This ETP is designed for separation of emulsified/ free oil from produced water by method of Induced Gas floatation followed by polishing treatment by Nutshell filter, leading to water quality for re-injection purpose. Project successfully commissioned under operation & maintenance by UEM, led for duration of 5 years.

Modernization of ETP system comprising ETP & BTP and Ultra Filtration (UF) for ETP Modernization Project at Barauni Refinery
This plant is designed for separation of emulsified/ free oil from effluent of 1400 m3/day by method of oil separator, TPI, DAF followed by biological treatment comprising of biotower, aeration tank, clarifier and low gravity filters for the biological treatment. 600m3/day treated effluent out of 1400 m3 is being treated further in Ultra Filtration plant which is used for general purpose in refinery like fire networks, gardening, etc.

Renovation, Augmentation & Modification of Existing ETP, SAIL Bhilai
Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), Bhilai, a steel plant under Steel Authority of India Limited is having an effluent treatment plant to treat effluent generated from its existing Coke Oven & bye product plant. The project includes the capacity augmentation from 200 m3/hr to 275 m3/hr, modification and revamping along with replacement of some of the equipment / items.