UEM’s international arm i.e. UEM Inc. ,backed by its central design center , focuses on providing water and wastewater solutions for both industries and municipalities across the globe  including  Americas ( North America and South America ) , Caribbean region, Africa, Middle East  and South East Asia.

UEM Inc. has been offering turnkey state of the art solutions to various industries and municipalities over the last 40 years with over 350 successfully completed projects  in more than  30 countries .We have been offering solutions to various  multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Proctor and Gamble, Bristol Myers Squibb, American & Effird etc.UEM Inc. started its journey from its Florida office by offering biological ( both anaerobic and aerobic) treatment solution to various industries and has a strong reference list coupled with knowledge base in offering waste water treatment and final disposal solutions to various industries such as food and beverage , textile , tanneries, meat processing, oil and gas , refineries , dairy , pulp and paper , PTA, distilleries , breweries , pharmaceutical etc.

  • Anaerobic biological systems are many a time offered as pre treatment integrated with aerobic biological system.  The use of an anaerobic pre-treatment before the aerobic system significantly reduces the power consumption required for aeration by the aerobic treatment system and at the same time generates energy in the form of methane rich biogas. In addition, the anaerobic pre-treatment reduce the nutrient dosing requirements and the sludge handling/disposal costs. UEM has several of such installations for the waste water generated by various distilleries, breweries, PTA waste water, pulp and paper mills etc.
  • Further to biological system , UEM in recent years has been offering tertiary system  ( MBR , UF and RO )  for complete recycle and reuse of municipal and industrial waste water  and is now getting well placed in the zero liquid discharge system .  Turnkey and “complete”  zero liquid discharge systems are well-liked by many industries all over the world who are  tending to reduce or even eliminate the discharge of partly treated waste water  into municipal drains.
  • We have also been delivering some large capacity water and waste water treatment plants for various municipalities  including recycle/reuse of  waste water by providing membrane based solutions i.e. Membrane Bio Reactor. Some of these referred plants are of very large capacity ranging up to 200,000 m3/day capacity.