UEM has built our reputation as a leading water and wastewater design-build firm by offering customized solutions to complex water and wastewater problems faced by clients across the globe. UEM will continue to grow our presence in each of our business segments by continuously improving – by attracting, training, and retaining world-class talent – our conceptual and detailed design capabilities, our project execution capabilities, our operation and maintenance services. UEM has a legacy of identifying nascent technologies that can offer our clients tremendous life-cycle cost benefits and will continue to “bridge the gap” between innovative technologies and our client’s needs.

UEM strongly believes that effluent generated from industries and municipalities is a resource rather than a waste. UEM expects that the growth of the water and wastewater treatment industry will be driven by projects that cost-effectively extract resources, such as high quality reusable water, energy, nutrients, and other valuable by-products from industrial and municipal effluent. In the near-term, UEM plans to aggressively target the following market segments:

Wastewater Recycle/Reuse including Zero Liquid Discharge
Recycle/reuse projects are of growing importance, especially in areas of water scarcity. UEM has the technology and the expertise to offer innovative solutions aimed at minimizing the life cycle cost of the recycle/reuse system. For industrial clients, UEM can also add tremendous value during the planning stage by optimizing the entire plant-wide water balance, minimizing cooling water and boiler feed water make-up needs.

Anaerobic Digestion
UEM has installed over 100 anaerobic digester projects that generate methane-rich biogas from highly contaminated effluents or from organic solid waste. This biogas can be utilized as a source of renewable energy by producing power via generators, by generating steam via boilers, or by generating transportation fuel by being upgraded to CNG. Due to rising energy costs, we expect the demand for renewable energy projects to grow.