Feasibility studies are aimed to

Feasibility studies  includes ‘Economic Feasibility’ to carry out cost-benefit analysis, ‘Technical Feasibility’ to access potential risks and their solution, ‘Operational feasibility’, ‘Schedule feasibility’ to estimate timelines and optimize resources and time to accomplish project activities as per the schedule and also ‘Legal feasibility’ to bind to the copyrights, financial reporting requirements, contractual obligations, ownership, outsourcing arrangements, etc. Feasibility study enables one to carry out Payback analysis, Net Present Value Analysis, Return on Investment Analysis before project activities commence. Moreover, since the feasibility study is often the first stage of a project’s life cycle, the potential for cost optimization at this stage is the highest.

UEM has the in-depthprocess knowledge to conduct feasibility studies for a client’s potential water and wastewater projects. Whether a client is exploring the feasibility ofrecycling treated wastewater for reuse as process or utility water or whether a client is interested in determining the lowest life-cycle-cost solutions for treating their wastewater, UEM can provide unbiased recommendations by tapping into our extensive experience in effluent treatment.