This is the most preferred mode of project delivery for a client who acts a third party responsible for providing the service, which is a common case with govt. institutions. As this facilitates the client to avoid the necessity to generate financial investments required for installations of the plant.

For clients that do not have the resources to finance a project or wish to pay for water and waste water treatment as a service, the option of having a third party build, own, and operate the treatment plant is an attractive option. UEM has a credible experience in BOOT projects globally, which include clients like Integrated Industrial Estate (IIE) Haridwar-SIDCUL India, Servicios Manufactureros, Guatemala, S.A; in which UEM has arranged for financing and subsequently designed, built and operated the projects.

In the case of BOOT Project –Bioenergia Guatmala, the total cost of the project was US $3.75 million. For this project UEM joint ventured with E+Co and CAREC (Central American Renewable Energy and Cleaner production facility) to raise the projected investment for the Bioenergia Unit for S.A Distillery.